Dropping down a rabbit hole

I know it’s been a bit since I’ve been in touch. I dropped down a rabbit hole (or two or three) getting some things done recently.

And in fact, I’m going to keep this newsletter short and sweet because I’m still in those rabbit holes. But I wanted to offer an update on what to look forward to when I come back with my weekly newsletters again.

I’ve been updating some of my programs, and that’s been a huge chunk of my time. But I’ve also been rethinking what I offer you here. While the main newsletter will stay much the same, there’s going to be a few updates to the paid subscription.

Here in the main newsletter (aka the free version), you’ll continue to get tips, ideas, strategies, worksheets, activities and more (including occasional meditation audios) that can help you with creating a calm and happy life using mindfulness, meditation, and self-care. I hope to share more with you than ever before once I get my head above water again.

But the paid subscription… the benefits I was offering just didn’t feel right. They were right at one time but they just didn’t feel right anymore. I wanted to offer something that would give paid subscribers a better connection to me. A more personal one. That would allow paid subscribers better access to my knowledge and skills.

And as I continued to think about it, I finally came up with what I think offers that while also allowing me the time and space I need for rest and recovery (as an introvert, I need that!).

So here’s what paid subscribers are going to be getting:

  • monthly meditation audios that you can use and keep (just please don’t share them!)

  • A monthly Zoom call where we’ll go over tips and strategies along with a Q&A session

  • a 75% discount on my Special.tv channel, where you’ll find all my videos for meditations, challenges, classes, etc.

  • Exclusive access to my upcoming podcast, The Mindful Single Mom

I’ve also been increasing the number of free meditations I offer on Insight Timer. You can find me doing the Daily Dose of Self-Love every Monday-Friday at 8am Eastern. I do a variety of other meditations each week as well and you can check out my Insight Timer profile for more info on those.

I’m also getting ready to start doing lives on Facebook once a week, where I’ll go over a different topic in each episode that can help you get the clarity, insight, and skills you need to really bring calm and happiness into your life.

I am also still writing on Medium, though I have cut back to posting only a few times a week for the moment. If you don’t have a Medium membership yet, you can sign up for one for just $5/mo or $50/yr and you’ll be able to access not only all of my articles but also all the other writers who use the platform. If you use this link, I’ll get a referral fee for your sign up at no extra cost to you.

That’s what’s happening right now. Within the next couple of weeks or so, I’ll be back to regular weekly newsletters, along with all the new things I’ve got coming up. Until then, I want to say thank you for sticking with me and I promise it’ll be worth it!