Making some changes...

Hey everyone!

In the interest of simplicity, I have to make a few changes to the newsletter.

First, I’m shifting to Moosend for the time being. The Substack will still be here, but I’m reconsidering how to best put it to use. Moosend better meets my needs for connecting with you guys right now in terms of the free newsletter.

I’ve imported you all into Moosend, and when you get the first newsletter from there, you will have the option to unsubscribe, of course. I hope you won’t, because it will still be the content it’s always been, but the option is there.

The second change is that the Year of Self-Care isn’t going to be here just yet. I had some things come up in my personal life, and as I was attempting to finalize details for it, I realized I still need to work out some additional things.

Keep an eye out for the next newsletter (probably next week) for some additional info on other changes, including a new way to see my scheduled classes and meditations (both free and paid) and a chance to work with me 1:1 for free in exchange for a testimonial.