Meditation & Self-Care: Two must-haves in life

As moms, we don’t get a lot of time for ourselves. But if we don’t make time for ourselves, if we don’t actively choose to carve out that time and do something just for us with it, we end up running out of gas and being unable to live up to all the responsibilities we have as moms.

Sometimes it can feel like a no-win situation.

But it doesn’t have to feel that way. And I have two things that can help you make sure that it doesn’t feel that way:

Meditation classes

How does meditation help? Oh, in so many ways, Mama!

Meditation lowers your blood pressure, reduces your stress and anxiety, allows your mind a moment of peace and calm, improves sleep, and increases patience. It enhances your immunity and literally changes your brain. It can improve your memory and focus and decrease depression and negative thoughts.

When I say meditation can change your life, I’m not exaggerating.

I offer a variety of live meditation classes each week. Most classes are $10-15 each, except for my Introduction to Meditation class which is $25 because of its length and the amount of information involved. You can also sign up for a 10-class pass that gets you one class free or the monthly subscription that allows you to attend any and all classes each month for just $45.

At this time, my schedule only goes out a couple of weeks because I have a teen who is graduating early, getting his first job, and prepping for trade school in the summer and that requires me to be able to drop and go quickly to help him run errands and get things done. I don’t want to cancel classes, so it’s easier to limit them right now.

Plus, because they’re just getting started, I want to be able to really pay attention to which classes do well and which ones don’t so I can offer the classes my students are really looking for.

Check out the schedule and sign up for a class. As a special offer, again because I am just getting these classes going, I am offering a free class for you to try it out.

All you need to do is sign up as a student, then drop me a quick email about which class you’d like to attend and what name you signed up using. I’ll reserve a spot for you and you just need to show up! You’ll get an email from the platform shortly before class starts with a link to attend. Easy peasy!

There are a couple of conditions to this:

  1. If you’re a no-show to the class you request without letting me know something’s come up, I won’t be able to offer you another free class.

  2. Because this is one of the ways that I make my living, I can only offer one free class per person.

  3. If you enjoy the class, I would love it if you would give me a quick review/testimonial that I can use for future potential students to read. This condition is, of course, completely optional but I hope that you’d be willing to help me out with this. Your testimonial would be on my website, in emails, or used in social media posts/ads with just your first name and last initial, and if you choose to send a photo, your photo.

I have a few scheduled classes right now. As we get closer to a particular date and I know that there’s nothing previously scheduled for me, I add a new class here and there (usually about 24 hours ahead of time). So make sure you check back often to see what classes are coming up if you don’t see anything you like the first time you look.

See Class Schedule

Self-Care & the Single Mom

Listen, I know just how hard it is to find time for self-care as a single mom. It’s a struggle, for sure! But self-care is something we absolutely need and I want to make sure you get it.

That’s why I’m hosting a live talk on Insight Timer this morning at 10:30 a.m. It’s titled Self-Care & the Single Mom because it’s all about you getting the self-care you need.

In this talk, I’m going to go over what self-care really is, break down the different areas in which you need to have self-care, go over some examples of what self-care is and isn’t (hint: sometimes it’s not what you think!), give you some helpful info on the where and how to self-care, and offer some insights on when self-care might be about NOT doing something rather than DOING something.

By the end of the talk, I hope you’ll be able to even walk away with a rough outline of your own self-care routine, or at least the tools you’ll need to create it.

I would love for you to attend this free talk so you can get all the information I’m going to share. I think it’s really going to help you boost your self-care game, especially because some of the info I’m going to share just might change your perspective on what self-care is and whether you actively engage in it already.

All you need to do is click the link below. If you don’t already have an account on Insight Timer, you might need to register for one - but don’t worry, it’s totally free!

Attend Self-Care & the Single Mom

Can’t make the talk this morning but really interested in getting a real self-care routine going? While I unfortunately can’t offer this free talk all the time, I can offer you something else.

I have a one-time (no ongoing commitment) 90-minute Self-Care Coaching Session that you can purchase for $90. In this hour and a half session, we will:

- go over what self-care is
- discuss your self-care goals
- evaluate your schedule & commitments
- break down the areas of self-care
- brainstorm ideas of self-care activities you want to include or would enjoy
- narrow activity choices
- create a self-care routine

Why would you pay for this session instead of attending the free talk (other than just not being able to make it to the talk)? Well, what this session offers that the free talk won’t is the personal attention and customization of your routine.

In the talk, I’ll be offering information and ideas to a group, so it will be a lot of general information meant to appeal to the broadest spectrum of people who are attending.

In the session, however, you’ll be getting my 1:1 attention for an hour and a half. We will be discussing self-care and you personally. Your goals, your schedule, your ideas, your activities. It will all be about you specifically, rather than a bunch of general stuff that might only partially resonate with you.

Book My Self-Care Coaching Session

I know I said this month we’d be talking about confidence and opening up and all that. And I do apologize that we got off track with that. But this is, as you know, life as a single mom. Things come up, things turn on a dime, and what you thought would happen doesn’t and what you never thought would happen does.

We’ll get back on track next month. For now, let’s focus on making sure we find a little time for ourselves, even when life is crazy and it feels like there’s no time for us.