Sometimes life is just a struggle

We’ve all had them: those days that just suck. Those weeks that just suck. The periods of time where we just wonder if we woke up in some alternate dimension where we’re being punished for the sins of our doppelganger.

This week definitely turned into one of those weeks for me. And I know several other people that feel the same way about this week. So the meditation I have for you this week will hopefully help with that a bit, if you’re in the group that had a rough week.

It’s a shower meditation. Use a Bluetooth speaker to amplify the sound, and just let it play while you shower. It’s about 14-minutes long and you’ll wash your hair with a nice scalp massage and cleanse away both surface dirt and muscle tension with your body wash. Enjoy!

Listen to Shower Meditation

What are your plans this weekend?

It’s Easter weekend, and for us, that means a nice family dinner. Ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, baked beans, and a delicious homemade mac & cheese that my oldest son is just a little addicted to.

My kids have outgrown the Easter basket stage, but not the candy stage - then again, I haven’t outgrown the candy stage either, so…

I miss the days when I got to hide colored eggs, create a custom Easter basket, and monitor the kids’ candy consumption so I could draw the line just before we reached the “too much and time to vomit” tipping point.

But what I still love? We typically still watch Hop as our family movie night movie. Do you remember that movie? It’s such a cute movie, kid-friendly for sure but still with plenty to entertain the adults too.

Whatever you may be doing with the kids, extended family, or friends - make sure you make some time this weekend for yourself, too. Take a few minutes and enjoy a shower with the shower meditation. Read a book. Place a warm or cool compress on your eyes and listen to a few songs while you relax. Go see a movie while the kids hang with cousins or a sitter.

Whatever you do, just find a few minutes or a couple of hours for yourself. Holiday weekends are one of the most stressful times of the year, so make sure you get some self-care in to reduce that stress - especially if this week has already been stressful for you.

And if you don’t celebrate Easter? You still deserve a little time for yourself!

If you’re celebrating, Happy Easter! And if you’re not, Happy Weekend!

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