When was the last time you took a moment to regroup?

Yep, I’m randomly sliding back into your inbox again. But I have a question for you this week. I want to know when was the last time you were struggling and took a moment to just stop everything and regroup? Literally, just stopped everything you were doing (not just what you were struggling with) and assessed it all?

For me, the answer is last Thursday.

For months now, I’ve been trying to manage a delicate balance. I’ve been trying to build my career as a meditation teacher/single mom coach, maintain my career as a freelance writer, and take care of my son who was in a car accident.

My son’s car was totaled and so he’s been borrowing my car until we can find a new one at a decent price. Since I work from home, it hasn’t been a big deal because I don’t really need to go that many places and my parents live close enough that I can borrow their car when I need to.

But last Thursday, everything came to a head. My car started giving my son trouble. Which meant that on Friday, I would need to borrow my parents’ car so I could take my son to his physical therapy appointment and then to welding school. And this week, I’ll have to do the same when my car goes into the shop.

This meant I couldn’t do my usual live morning meditation on Insight Timer on Friday - and at least one day this week, possibly more. And I knew, in that moment when I realized that, it was the sign I needed to stop everything and reassess what the hell I’m doing.

And though that reassessment is still ongoing, a few things are clear already:

  • I am taking a break from live meditations for the moment. Scheduling on Insight Timer requires 48 hours, and promotion on other platforms also means I need some lead time. And I just can’t commit to that kind of scheduling right now with all that’s happening.

  • I do not want to give up my meditation work entirely. I just need to stick with recordings for now because they allow me to do it when I have time. So I will still be putting out new meditation work - hopefully more than I have been lately, now that I’m making changes.

  • Just in the last few days since this all happened, my stress and tension have already eased considerably. Acknowledging that I was trying to do too much and letting some things go has made me feel much more relaxed and calmer. This tells me I’m doing the right thing.

So what’s going to happen in the newsletter going forward? I’m not entirely sure just yet. It’s still going to have all the same info as always, stuff about meditation, single parenting, self-love, and self-care. I’d like to say it’ll be sent out once a week like it was before but I don’t want to make a promise I can’t keep just yet.

And I didn’t just share all this with you just for the sake of updating you on what I’ve been doing. I shared it because I want you to know that it’s okay if you need to drop everything and reassess. Whether you’re feeling the need to do it right now or you develop the need in the future, it’s okay.

Go ahead and drop it all. Reassess. Reconsider. Take your priorities and shake them up. Things are not meant to stay the same forever and if you’re feeling like maybe something you’re doing isn’t quite right for you anymore (or at least, not right now), it’s okay to make a change. Even if you do it experimentally or temporarily and decide it doesn’t work, make a change. Even if you’re afraid of the consequences or afraid of change in general, be willing to make a change when you need to.

As for me, I’m taking a few hesitant steps forward. I’m focusing more on my writing work again, because even though it’s not all about the money, I do need to boost my income a bit. And I’m working on some ideas on how to continue leading meditations with my scheduling issues and other concerns.

We’ll see how it goes. Worst case scenario, I make more changes. That is what life’s all about, right?

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